Fancy Speed Pour Oil Funnel (Mazda)

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Chassis: Mazda Miata & Rotary Engines

Note #1: This is will fit ALL MAZDA engines from 1990 to 2005

Note: #2: This will fit ALL Rotary Engines except with a factory strut bar 

There are some other Mazda's this will fit, like the Protege, Millenia and MX-6 with a high degree of certainty of but I have not verified it. If you're one of these people. Shoot us an email.



One of the most over-complicated Oil Funnels of all time BUT it's amazing! We promise!

Do you do your own oil changes? Add this to your toolset by making your oil changes easier. We personally love the Cherry Blossom Pink or Fluorescent Green so you can always find your oil funnel with ease in a messy garage. Easy to pour your oil without having to wait for air to come up. This funnel has built in air ducts to allow oil and air to flow with ease along with a bunch of other features. Enjoy! 



- Direct Fitment to your engine

- Speed Pour (No Waiting for Air to Burp what so ever) 

- Rifling through the center to aid with creating proper flow 

- Anti-splash Bucket Lip 

- Made from chemically resistant PETG plastic (Gasoline / E85 / Alcohol / All Oil Types) 

- Anti-Drip Cap TOP & BOTTOM is STANDARD and comes with ALL funnels. Allowing you to cap the oil funnel after use and avoiding a mess 

- Bowl Cap use to come with a carbon fiber appearance in texture, these will no longer be the case. It comes with a normal wrinkled black finish from now on 

- Magnetic Mount is OPTIONAL. This allows you to stick your funnel to the side of your tool box and always know where to find it