SC300/400/Soarer - Steering Wheel Gauge Pods - Single Version

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NEW FOR 2022 - - Single Gauge version based on our popular Dual Steering wheel Gauge Pods

This design gives you the freedom to mount a single gauge or use  2 different sizes of gauges either on the left or right. Feel free to mix and match any 52 or 60mm sized gauges. 


We have love for the SC300! SC400! and the infamous Toyota Soarer! There are not enough spots for gauges in the JZZ30 chassis. This allows you to have gauges in plain view sight of the factory gauge cluster with no obstruction of vital information you're used to seeing on a daily basis. 

The gauge pods naturally come in 52mm or 60mm diameter. 

They are also available in an uncapped or capped version. The Capped version does obviously have a depth limit but we have tested the oldest HKS, Blitz and Sard gauges from way back in the day when Zach Morris had a cell phone and they all fit just fine.

Capped gauge pods do have a small slit out the back to route your wiring in a nicely tucked and responsible manner. 

Capped version also comes in either a shallow 50mm depth or deep 65mm depth. Let us know in the checkout notes which one you need (If you select the capped version)


Just like all of our steering wheel gauge pods. You can mount this one of two ways. Either you utilize the included hardware and drill two very tiny 3mm holes for each gauge pod OR lay down double-sided tape for a semi-permanent solution. 


Like all of our products, they are made from UV resistant ASA Plastic. This a higher grade than standard ABS product. It will not fade, warp or swell from exposure to the Sun.


Available in Standard Smooth finish or Textured/Wrinkled finish