SC300/400/Soarer - Rear Seat Belt Cover Trim

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New and improved! Now made with PA6 Nylon Material with Reinforced Carbon Fiber 

We have seen many SCs and Soarer with cracked and broken rear seat belt covers. After many requests from our customers, we have finally replicated them and offering them to the community. 

Another Autoextrude reproduction part!


- Sold in pairs (Left and Right)

- Thicker and stronger than OEM plastics 

- Made from Nylon PA6 with Reinforced Carbon Fiber

- Natural Carbon Fiber Textured Finish

- Available in colors Black, Tan, Grey

- Fits both SC300/400 and Soarers 

Replacement for OEM part # 73316-24011-C0 & 73315-24011-C0

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