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SC300/400/Soarer came with a OEM cup holder from the factory but many of them that survived today has a broken flip mechanism or totally missing it. 

On top of that, the factory cupholders are too small and can't accommodate today's larger cup, tin cans, and other XL drinks. 

AutoExtrude coming to the rescue once again. Introducing our direct fit cup holders for the SC/Soarer platform.

A product that is long overdue.... 


The Design:

  • Direct fit  for the center console bezel
  • OEM Finish 
  • Easy to install. Plug and play 
  • Accommodates even the largest cups (Big Gulps), mugs, tin cans, and other drinks. 
  • Deeper hole for greater drink stabilization.
  • Includes"Red Bull" Adapter for those smaller cans. (No more rattling of cans when driving)   

Optional Magnetic lid -  With this lid, you can tuck away the cup holder when not in used for a OEM look. A modern functional replacement to the factory style pop out lid. 




Like all of our products, we made it from Black ASA Plastic. This a higher grade than standard ABS product. It will not fade, warp or swell. It's made with tight tolerances and the greatest attention to detail.

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