SC300/400/Soarer - Brake Duct Kit (95-96 Bumpers ONLY)

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AutoExtrude Design


We have created a brake duct option based on our fog light design. It is the same size and shape as the fog lamp version but with a 2.5-inch or 3 inch flange on the rear so that the end-user can attach a high-temp brake hose if need be. Using a high-temp brake hose isn't necessary, so feel free to rock them as a duct and/or paint to match them with the color of the vehicle. 

This brake duct kit is built with an OEM inspired design with a slightly modified appearance. The entire brake duct and bracket system are built with an all-weather resistant plastic and all fasteners are made of nylon for years of continuous road abuse. 

We made the front face almost 1-inch thick! to provide the necessary robust front face you really need from a product like this being very low to the ground getting abused from road debris on a consistent basis. 

This brake duct system will fit any bumper that can mount the stock 95-96 fog lamps.

We have provided an almost 100% Plug n' Play solution for you. These can be installed on your SC300 / SC400 / Toyota Soarer in a matter of minutes and offer you years of sure-fire continuous use. 


Color Choice

They only come in black. If you need it to be a different color, please contact us directly with your inquiry. 

Available in Raw Standard Finish or Wrinkled/Textured Finish. 

Painting & Sanding

Totally unnecessary. We print these in a very nice quality finish and can and should be used as they are, out of the box! But.... if you're inclined to paint them to match your vehicle, they will handle paint just like any other ABS plastic. They sand down very smooth and can handle any automotive paints. the end, 

We are extremely proud to finally offer our Brake duct Kit for the JZZ30 Chassis around the world.  We have painstakingly designed every detail to meet and exceed OEM standards but more importantly, your expectations. At the moment right now, we are only offering this to 95-96 SC Lexus / Toyota Soarer bumpers.

 92-94 bumpers coming soon…


NOTE: Pictures shown are from our fog lamps kit. The brake duct utilizes the same housing minus the lamps. No Morimoto Lamps will be included with this this. Only the housing and the duct flange.