Cressida MX83 (x80) - Steering Wheel Gauge Pod

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Also fits all JZX81 Variants. Chaser, Cresta, Mark ii


One of the most popular items in our lineup. The steering pods come in both popular diameters of 52mm and 60mm. They also have the option for a capped or uncapped backing. A capped steering wheel gauge pod still has a small slit in the bottom for wires to pass through but retains a very flush and aesthetically pleasing cap to flow with the rest of the interior. Also available is our in-house wrinkled finish which avoids fingerprints and gives the gauge pod a final form aesthetically pleasing finish. 


The pods are uniquely placed in the cabin where a very minimal amount of range is lost with the factory gauge cluster. 


You have two options. You can utilize the included 3mm screws, drill two very minor holes and secure from inside the steering column plastic with a couple of included screws OR if you don't want to ruin your plastic in a permanent fashion, feel free to use some double-sided tape (not included). 

Note: The steering wheel gauge pod fits best with a MX83 (x80) Cressida. It has not been tested on other Cressida years. 

Note: Capped gauge pods are 1.5" limited. This measurement is your gauge body depth. You do not count the mounting screws or the gauge bezel for this measurement. Most modern gauges are shallow in-depth but please confirm with the manufacture of the gauge before you purchase. 


The FIRST photo shows a grey color but (this was a prototype).  All pods will come in BLACK color.