MR2 (SW20) - Vent Cup Holder

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The very first and “Original” MR2 cup holder! Designed specifically for the sw20

The MR2 (SW20) community is strong and always pushing forward with new grass-roots innovation. We are proud to continue that tradition by solving an age-old problem with this chassis. CUP HOLDERS! The amount of different ideas on trying to solve this problem over the years has been monumental. We would like to throw our hat in the ring and say, we have an option for you.


We utilized the cup holder from an Audi/VW due to its popup nature but also it's slimline figure needed to make it fit within the factory MR2 vent. Also, we needed a cup holder you could easily replace if you ever had to. You should be able to get replacements on your own without some proprietary cup holder. There is a lot of support for these cup holders all over the market and at a cost-effective price.


We thought it would be very important to keep your vent as functional as can be and with some added creature comforts. You'll find that the vent we made holds the cup holder magazine and has little slots around it to allow for airflow. 


The cup holder insert is made like many of our products out of ASA plastic. ASA is a plastic that is superior to ABS. It can withstand water, heat, UV-light and cold. It's made for years of continuous use without failure. We have tested the insert as much as possible but if for whatever reason you have ANY issue, we will replace it free of cost for up to two years. 

Cup Holder Size: 

We have tested all sorts of different cups. Some bottles, all small and medium-size cups from most fast-food chains function. A 7-Eleven Big Gulp wouldn't fit. It's the common things out there and nothing too crazy. This is a creature comfort and it's going to be a lot better than trying to hold your drink between your legs, shift and push a clutch pedal in. 

LHD or RHD: 

Both work! 

Single or Dual Cup Holders: 

Both work! 

Small Caveat, if you need the cup holder to fit the passenger side vent, you will have to use a heat gun to put a small dent into the air-duct to make the necessary room. Another possible solution is to shave a portion of the magazine to create the clearance needed.  We will include instructions explaining both methods to make this easy for anyone. This is NOT something that will permanently affect your vehicle in anyway!

What's Included: 

You will receive a vent cup holder magazine assembly mechanism, and our vent insert we designed to make it all work together. 



Note #1: We will not be selling our cup holder insert without the cup holder magazine itself. We offer a complete solution to our customer base. We like to control all variables. 

Note #2: As mentioned above, you will need a heat gun to dent in the air duct to make the passenger side cup holder work. This is NOT a permanent procedure that will ruin the performance of anything. It is merely a minor modification.