MR2 (SW20) - Vent Gauge Pod (45mm Flush)

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The MR2 (SW20) crowd is realizing it is harder to find good condition factory parts. Drilling into your console or dashboard to hold onto gauges is unacceptable. We now offer center vent gauge pods. 


This was requested by our customers who wanted a "flush" vent pod compared to our 52mm version. Now we have come up with a solution to mount the smaller 45mm gauges. We think this is the best looking and best placement gauge pod that we have designed for the sw20's interior. 


The vent pod gets pushed into the vent from the front and has little clips that hold it in place with a little pressure. They allow for airflow! We have placed little slots around the gauge pod so you can still have air coming through almost like factory. We also have tilted the gauges towards the driver 10 degrees for some convenience and readability. 


Like the rest of our products, we use ASA Plastic for everything. ASA is a plastic that is superior to ABS. It can withstand water, heat, UV-light and cold. It's made for years of continuous use without failure. We have tested the insert as much as possible but if for whatever reason you have ANY issue, we will replace it free of cost for up to two years. 


We offer the gauge pod in 45mm only. There are several good companies that offer this 45mm size. Omori, Prosport, and Rico are one of best name brand out there for this specific size.  

LHD or RHD: 

This will fit either! You're good to go! And yes, the 10 degrees of tilt into the driver seat will be in the correct position for you RHD guys as well.  

**Save $$ when you purchase 2 vent pods (twin pack)**