MR2 (SW20) - Vent Delete Gauge Pod (Driver Window)

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The MR2 (SW20) crowd is realizing it is harder to find good condition factory parts. Drilling into your console or dashboard to hold onto gauges is unacceptable. We now offer driver window side vent gauge pods. A direct plug and play replacement vent.

Another AutoExtrude original design and idea coming to life for the MR2 community.  



The vent pod replaces your factory driver side vent. It also installs the same way as the original vent.  This version deletes the vent slats. This is catered for those who have deleted the AC system.

Note: If you need one with vents slats, check our our other listing for that particular vent. pod. 



Like the rest of our products, we use ASA Plastic for everything. ASA is a plastic that is superior to ABS. It can withstand water, heat, UV-light and cold. It's made for years of continuous use without failure. 



We offer the gauge pod in 52mm and 45mm only. 


Will work for both LHD or RHD vehicles.