MKIV Supra - Vent Gauge Pod (52mm or 60mm)

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The MK4 Supra Vent Gauge Pod from AutoExtrude is exactly what you need if you want to hold a gauge and never lose the air-flow functionality. It's made from high-grade all-weather plastic that can withstand the heat and cold from the climate control system, flow air and hold onto you gauge. It offers a no-nonsense installation procedure utilizing the factory mounting points and comes in 52mm and 60mm diameter formats. All versions come with a foam seal just like Toyota designed and connects to your factory ventilation system with no effort. 

Does it fit either vent? 

Yes! All years. Either driver side closest to the door or center panel. Whether it’s a MK4 Supra from the USA, UK, Australia or Japan. 


Both sizes of vent gauge pods come with a distinct rubber film on the back-end of the vent pod to help your gauge guide the heat/cold and re-directs the airflow around the gauge. It can accept ANY depth gauge pod. 


A twin-pack of gauge pod vents is simply a discounted rate for purchase a quantity two of 52mm or 60mm vent gauge pods.