MKIV Supra - Steering Wheel Gauge Pod

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We love the interior on the MKIV Supra in all of its iconic goodness but for those that need a little bit more flash, we offer you the steering wheel gauge pod. It is form fitting for the steering column plastics and as unobtrusive as possible. 

Offered in multiple different variants to suit you best and from a matte-finish all weather plastic for years of continuous use. Be sure to check out our very special wrinkle finish. Comes straight from the printer in this fashion! 

Just in case you want to paint it, sand it or modify it. You can treat it like any other piece of ABS plastic. It responds incredibly well to body shop services/skills. 


Can be done one of two ways. Either you utilize the two very small 3mm screws & drill holes for them OR you can use a thin double-sided tape (not included). 

 Note: Capped Version will have 1.5inches of depth only. If you gauge is taller than this, then choose the uncapped version