MKIV Supra - TRD Style Rear Bumper Garnish/Pods

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TRD Replica Bumper Garnish/Pods. 

This is an exact replica of the TRD pods from back in the day. The originals are incredibly difficult to find and when you do find them, they are very costly.

We have refined the process in such a way where you can now purchase them and all you have to do is a little sanding, priming, and painting. 

Available in Raw Finish or Textured Finish. 

For RAW finish, this is intended for a DIY sand, paint and finish by your self. Or you could send them off to the auto body shop to get sanded and painted professionally. We have seen some of our customers use a thick primer and utilize spray paint for the ultimate in DIY and it looks amazing! 

For TEXTURED finish, these has been sprayed with a textured wrinkled coating and is ready to be installed on your car.

These mount just like the factory units with heavy-duty double-sided tape. Made from ASA All-Weather UV resistant Black Plastic for years of continuous hassle-free use. 

Note: This Product comes in PAIRS! It includes a LEFT & RIGHT.