MKIV Supra - Dash Tweeter Cover

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Many Supra owners has complained that the factory Tweeter covers always breaks upon removal. The factory covers has become very brittle with all those years being exposed to direct sunlight. 

A few owners has requested a reproduction of these covers, and we at AutoExtrude made it happen. 



We have replicated the OEM covers and made it more robust and aftermarket tweeter friendly. We enlarged the hole to accept most modern tweeters in the market. 

We also have two styles to choose from. Factory oem style, and flush mount style.

- Factory OEM style will be just like the original with the mesh grill on top.

- Flush mount style will be a flat top piece where you can mount your aftermarket tweeter while using its own mesh grill and bezel ring.

The flush mount style comes standard with a 38mm hole. We can custom make any size up to 46mm for your specific tweeter. Just leave a note upon checkout on the size you need. 

You can also choose if you want the hole Centered or Offset to the side. 

*Note: Anything larger than 40mm will need to be Centered 



The tweeter cover is made like many of our products out of ASA plastic. ASA is a plastic that is superior to ABS. It can withstand water, heat,  direct UV-light and cold. It will not crack nor fade in color even with exposure to direct sunlight. It's made for years of continuous use without failure. 


Sold Individually or by Pairs (Two pack)