MK3 Supra - Vent Gauge Pod

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A70 Supra Vent Pod is made to fit in the factory vent locations and still allow air to flow through.

Features Include: 
- Made from ASA Plastic (UV, Heat, Water Resistant) 
- LHD or RHD Compatible
- 52mm Only
- Depth is 1.5" (Please confirm the main body of your gauge without counting for back-end screws or front bezel can fit inside)
This is achieved by placing tension on the rear of the gauge pod with an included synthetic elastic band which wraps around the backside of the gauge cluster when it is removed. 


Note: Capped gauge pods are 1.5" limited. This measurement is your gauge body depth. You do not count the mounting screws or the gauge bezel for this measurement. Most modern gauges are shallow in-depth but please confirm with the manufacture of the gauge before you purchase.