MK3 Supra - TEMS Switch and Charger Panel

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Update those old TEMS control panel to a more modern switch while adding charging capabilities for today’s electronics

Using a Dual USB Charger we have added functionality by combining 2 high quality aluminum push buttons with back lit LED rings and placing them in the TEMS location.

We realized that many of our customers wanted a solution for charging and no longer need their TEMS panel. This will reduce wires across the shift area and is a great solution for people needing switches at an accessible location.

The switches are Push lock ON/OFF. The LED ring can be wired for always lit, or lit when switch is in ON position. This provides many uses for the customers needs such as (Amp trigger, NOS Purge, Trac Control, Line Lock, rolling anti lag, ect.)

Colors available are: Red, Green, Blue

Switch style options: Latching or Momentary