MK3 Supra - Stealth Volt Meter (89-92)

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Get a factory looking reading on your voltage!

The MK3 Supra doesn't have a volt meter, which can be annoying. This clever display shows your voltage in an area that is otherwise wasted with a blank insert on 89+ cars. The pre 89 models have a headlight washer button which can be removed and replaced with this display as well.

This is offered as a plug and play kit in RED, GREEN, or BLUE. LED display

We include crude and simple wiring connections that you can snap onto the existing cigarette lighter wires to get an easy voltage measurement, but you can wire these more robustly if desired. If you want to grab your voltage reading from another wire, just run wiring to where you'd like to see a voltage.

The display has a calibration dial on the back and can be adjusted to exactly match a verified meter if you want to ensure precise measurement.

- The lens is smoked polycarbonate.

- Main housing Material is Nylon 12

- Printed using Multi Jet Fusion (MJF) technology.

In collaboration with YotaMD