MK3 Supra - Seat Belt Guides

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We have seen many MK3s with cracked and broken seat belt hangers. After many requests from our customers, we have finally replicated them and offering them to the community. 

Another Autoextrude reproduction part!



This is a reproduction of the OEM seat belt guides. We made some minor touches of our own to strengthen the design. We removed the "trench" found on the OEM design to make the hangers a lot more solid

These are also the thicker ones often found on the later models. There was no point of replicating the thinner version, so we just went for the version 2 that Toyota offered. 

We also replicated the full TEXTURE. Making our reproductions very close to the OEM pieces. Only made possible with the use of our commercial grade machines



- Includes 2 Guides and 2 Bolt covers

- Sold in pairs (Left and Right)

- Made from durable and UV resistant ASA plastic

- Thicker and stronger than OEM plastics 

- Available in OEM style colors: Black, Grey, Blue, Burgundy, Beige, Brown, and Shadow Grey