MK3 Supra - Hood/Battery Cover Trims

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Here is another Autoextrude Reproduction Part  --> Hood/Battery Cover Trims

These covers are always missing on almost all Mk3 Supra that we have seen. Why? Because it is being removed before a battery change and they are never re-installed and always discarded.

These have been discontinued from Toyota a long time ago. 

Toyota called these "extension radiator support" and a lot of Mk3 owners are still baffled as to what its real purpose is. 


What are the real purpose and benefits of these?

1. Did you ever wonder why almost all Mk3 has rust on the battery tray and surrounding areas? Well because this part is missing and has been removed

Water sips in the hood seal and makes it way down the battery tray and surrounding areas. 

2. It is also designed to seal and cover the gap when the headlights are raised. 


We also redesigned them even better and eliminated as much chassis "gaps" as possible. The OEM ones still left a lot of room and gaps. 


What do you get?

Each set will get you both left and right covers. (Battery and Intake/filter side)

We know only the left side is always missing but to give you a perfect match on finish, we decided to just offer then in pairs

New  mounting clips fasteners also included 


Made from UV resistant ASA plastic. ASA is superior to ABS as it UV stable and will last longer than traditional ABS


Color Options?

Standard will come in black. If you need them in any other color, just hit us up or leave a note at checkout.