MK3 Supra - Gas "Hole" Cap Hanger

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Now Available for the MK3 Supra

Tired of putting your gas cap on top of your vehicle? Why risk scratching your paint?

Have you ever place your gas cap on top of the pump and end up forgetting about it? Worry no more!

We came up with a simple solution for a gas cap "hole" hanger system. 

This simple piece attaches to you fuel door for quick and easy access.


Choose Between 4 Different Styles:

- No Text (plain)

- Unleaded Only

- E85 Fuel Only

- Race Fuel Only




- Check if you have an OEM Toyota cap or an aftermarket cap like STANT 

- Currently will not fit with the "JDM Metal" Non threaded gas caps. 

- Fuel Door and Cap are Not included. They are only being showed for reference and picture purposes.