MK3 Supra - Front Grill Emblem

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A custom front grill emblem/badge for your very own MK3 Supra. Meticulously hand made letter by letter.

EMBLEMS FIT ALL YEARS of the MK3 Supra. Both Pre89 and 89+ Grills with the exception of the Kanji Emblems. They are made for 1989 and above only. 

At first, we replicated the original Toyota 3.0 Turbo emblem, then all the requests came pouring in for many more! We have tried to cultivate popular emblems with the local MK3 Supra community and solidified them to what you see here. 

All of our emblems are All-Weather Resistant. They are UV, Heat, Water and High-Boost Resistant! Made for years and years of use and car washes. 

The emblem is mounted on the rear of the driver-side front grill using the factory holes as Toyota intended. All hardware is included.  Factory fit and finish!

Note #1: NOT currently taking any custom requests at this time. Whatever you see on the dropdown menu is all that we have available. 

Note #2: Emblems will fit ANY YEAR mk3 Supra in replacement of the factory front emblem, except the Kanji Emblems which are made for 1989 and above front grills.