MK3 Supra - Front Bumper Duct (Year: 1989+)

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We painstakingly took the time to fully replicate the front bumper duct to mere perfection. We were very tired of the look of the factory grill, so whether you're missing a pair or you just want to upgrade yours, this is a great option. 

Can I use my emblem? 

Nope. We designed these to look amazing at the front of the MK3 Supra. Why would we ruin it by covering it up with a huge emblem? Sorry guys. You'll enjoy the look of a pair on the car without the emblem. 

Does it flow more? 

While we haven't flow dyno'd it, we believe so. The opening is larger than the factory grills. This will allow for more airflow to reach your condenser and radiator. 

Does the air route anywhere? 

The factory grills are there so air can bypass the front mount intercooler. No different here. The air flows into the condenser and radiator bypassing the FMIC. 

How does it mount? 

The factory mount is a single screw and a clip. The clips always break off and the single screw it's enough security. We got rid of the factory clip that was pointless and upgrade this to utilize two large M6 screws. 

Do I need to modify anything? 

Nope! Plug n Play. A full installation doesn't even take more than 10 minutes and that's with a bathroom break. The pair of ducts come with everything you need. 


What's it made out of? 

ASA Black Plastic. It will not fade, warp, deform or swell. Made for the outdoor elements in all conditions! 

Is this for one or a pair? 

This is a complete pair with all the hardware you need for a proper, easy and clean installation to fit exactly like factory. 

If you would like to purchase just one side, email us for a custom invoice. We have seen people buying just one side and run factory grill on the other side so they can use of custom front grill emblems :)