Mk3 Supra - Door Lock Bezels

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New and improved! Now Made with PA6 Carbon Fiber material

We have seen many MK3s with cracked and broken door lock bezels. After many requests from our customers, we have finally replicated them and offering them to the community. 

Another Autoextrude reproduction part!



This is a reproduction of the OEM bezels. We made some minor touches of our own to strengthen the design.

It retains the natural curve from the OEM bezels. We have seen other reproduction in the market but they always flatten out the face so it can be printed flat and easy.

Here at Autoextrude, we use commercial grade printers that can print complex parts and shapes. As a result, we are able to retain the factory shape and design as Toyota intended!

We chose to use Carbon Fiber Nylon for this application for its tensile strength. These would be impossible to crack unlike the standard ABS or PETG plastic that is commonly used. 



- Sold in pairs (Left and Right)

- Thicker and stronger than OEM plastics 

- Made from Carbon Fiber Nylon (PA6 with Reinforced Carbon Fiber)

- Natural Carbon Fiber Textured Finish

- Available in OEM style colors: Black, Grey, Blue, Burgundy, Beige, Brown, and Shadow Grey


Note: Factory metal kits not included. You must reuse your old ones or obtain new ones from Toyota