MK3 Supra - Race Keys

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**** Available once again after 5 years :) **** 

New and improved 2023 Limited Release!

Whats new for 2023 version?

  • Added more color combinations
  • Improved quality and overall finish
  • Discounts on Multiple Keys (applied at checkout)

2 for $50

3 For $69

When purchasing multiple keys with different color options, add EACH color combination separately in to your shopping cart. Do not use the "quantity" option. 


Note: Majority of the product photos still shows the older 2018 versions. The newer 2023 release will be the latest photos (Keys inside a black case)



A complete and fully assembled by hand key with our exclusive design using official A70 Supra font. This key has been made larger than most keys out there to give you the most torque when you turn on your car with a sure-fire feeling. Made from High-Quality ABS and an original Toyota key is utilized and comes FULLY ASSEMBLED.
These keys are made with FDM Printing technology but hand assembled with our exclusive post-processing procedure. We are diligent in making sure all of our keys look are clean and as professional as possible. Each key using a factory Toyota key for the perfect fitment into your cars ignition and a long-lasting product. 
Whether you daily driver your Supra or your race it, this key is the perfect personalized upgrade for a little wow factor at your local car meet. 
Get it cut at your very own local Toyota Dealership or a LockSmith of your choice. (Not recommended for DIY vending machine key copiers)
Made with UV and Heat resistant ASA plastic just like all of our products. 
Note: When choosing the year of the vehicle. The year of the vehicle is based on what your title states, not what the manufacture date is. For example, if your title states it is a 1990 Supra but the manufactures tag for manufactured date says August of 1989 The key you need is for 1990. NOT from 1989
89 was the transition year so make sure to double check as the keys are different in size for the 90-92