MK3 Supra - Ashtray Plate For Racing Switches

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The ashtray in the A70 is awesome. It's fairly large and over time went from storing cigarette ashes to coins and now knobs and switches. This product makes that even easier for the end user.

A simple plate attached with factory mounting screws from behind the center console. You can use the ashtray delete plate to house custom racing button switches.

This product makes zero permanent changes to the interior of your Supra and as usual, always made for a plug n' play fitment with our all-weather ASA material for years and years of usage. 


- 4 or 8 holes

- 16 or 19mm sized switches 

Also Fully customizable! Cutom Layout? Only want 1 or 2 holes? Use bigger switches? Or add a USB port? We got you covered. Just contact us via email with your request and we will design that custom plate for you 


Note: Switches/buttons not included. Only used for picture purposes and general reference. 

Custom Switches can be purchase from -- Custom Billet Buttons!

OR -- Billet Automotive Buttons!