MK3 Supra - Ashtray Gauge Pod (Version 3.0 Ultimate)

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The ULTIMATE in ashtray gauge pods for the MK3 Supra. We have refined the process to the absolute max. 

- Five Degree Tilt Towards to the Driver

- Flush Front Face with Bezel 

- Anodized Colored Hardware to Match Your Personalized Taste 

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The ashtray pod has been popular for years and we have refined the process to the best fitment possible. Don't be mistaken, there isn't a lot of room in there. Doing even a minor five-degree tilt to the driver is incredibly difficult. The ashtray pod fits tight and flush up against the center console ashtray opening. Attaches using factory ashtray mounting points for that ultimate OE look.

Made from ASA Black Plastic like all of our products. It will not warp, fade or swell in any climate. Utilizing aircraft grade anodized aluminum and stainless hardware for the finishing touch, this is the perfect setup for anyone looking for a modified racer look. Be the envy of your friends at your next Supra meet. 


Note: There is a small 2-3mm lip on the inside ashtray hole. This will have to be filed or cut out for a proper installation. If the lip is kept, the top of the ashtray hole will bulge into the climate control area. This is a very minor cut and any "dremel" like tool can remove it in a matter of 1-2 minutes. 

Not doing this mod will leave you with a "bulge" on the factory center console surround.