MK3 Supra - AshTray Gauge Pod 2.0

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One of our most popular products! Since the land before time, Supra owners have been putting dual 52mm gauges in their ashtray locations. The ashtray hole is barely wide enough to hold a 52mm gauge but we have made it work and tried to remain true to the aesthetics Toyota gave us, to begin with. 

We have refined the process even further. This is our Version 2.0 that has refinements for fitment and ease of installation. Same as before BUT with better quality and alignments. 

We have refined the process and made it as plug 'n play as can be. The ashtray gauge pod can hold dual 52mm gauges of any gauge depth. The pod utilizes a press-fit method with the center console to hold it's placement but also is secured with two factory hole locations. Feel free to launch the crap out of your Supra and the gauge pod will stay in its place with no problems. 


Note: There is a small 2-3mm lip on the inside ashtray hole. This will have to be filed or cut out for a proper installation. If the lip is kept, the top of the ashtray hole will bulge into the climate control area. This is a very minor cut and any "dremel" like tool can remove it in a matter of 1-2 minutes. Not doing this mod will leave you with a "bulge" on the factory center console surround.