MK3 Supra - A Pillar Gauge Pods

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We are brining back the 80s and 90s styling for you guys. Introducing, our very own A-Pillar gauge pods!

We have been asked many times to design such pod and here we have it. We took a different approach on this one. Instead of replacing the entire A-Pillar trim, we decided for a modular design that attaches to your existing pillar trim. 

Modular Design:

Build as you go. You can purchase these as single, or dual pod.configuration. You may choose to run 1 gauge first then add a 2nd or 3rd one later on.  Total flexibility!

OEM Fitment:

These fits and install over the existing A-pillar trim. These were meticulously modeled to follow the exact contour and shape of the factory trim. 

Gauge Placement:

We have optimized the gauge placement and angle of each pod to have the least possible view obstruction while driving your supra. A true cockpit view for everyone!

Gauges Sizes:

These pods will only fit 52mm gauges. If you will be running an  AEM X-series gauge, we suggest getting our X Series adapters for a more secure mounting solution. 

Material and Finish:

Made with ASA with reinforced Carbon Fiber (ASA+CF). A strong heat and UV resistant material that will never warp especially with this part beside right beside the windshield that gets high exposure to UV rays. 

Wrinkled / Textured  Finish

Mounting Options: 

You can either mount these to your existing A-pillar trim via 3M VHB double sided tape.

Or for a more permanent solution, you can also fasten them with screws or clips of your choice. We will have an option to have pilot holes available if you want to go that route

Colors Choice:

Available in BLACK or GREY

(Standard color is black unless specified)

Driver Position:

Available for both LHD and RHD 

Configurations / Options:

Single Pod (low) - This will be placed on the bottom section of the A-pillar.

Dual Pod  (low) - This will be placed on the bottom and middle section of the A-pillar.

Single Pod (high) - This will be placed on the top section of the A-pillar.

Dual Pod (high) - This will be placed on the top and middle section of the A-pillar.

Triple Pod Combo - A combination of the setup above

Note: The grab handle must be removed and deleted for ANY  Top (high) or 3 pod configuration.