MK3 Supra - 6.5 inch Speaker Pods (Front)

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Gone are the days of searching for a wrecked 91-92 Supra just to grab its larger factory 6.5 speaker pods (mounts)

Introducing... our very own 6.5 speaker pods reproductions. Modeled directly from the OEM 91-92 pods but with some upgrades and modifications of our own, to run even larger speakers



We deleted all unnecessary parts from the OEM design that made restrictions on how large of a 6.5” speaker you can mount.

Unlike OEM pods, you can now use 6.5” speakers that have larger baskets and bigger rear magnets. 

We also added extra speaker mounting points for those odd speakers with different style/orientation mounting holes. 

Some speakers holes don't align well with the traditional  4 point mounting holes. Our pods have 6 mounting points to give you more flexibility. 

Sold in Pairs. You get both Left and Right  



- All 91-92 already have these style of mounts, so they are a direct replacement and plug and play. If you wish to run larger and deeper 6.5s, then this mod is for you  

- Late 89-90 still uses the smaller 4 inch box but have the updated door cards/panels so these will also be a direct fit/bolt on. Swap our those 4” for some 6.5s 

- Early 89 and older years have older style door cards and have a tighter clearance space. These pods will fit but depends on the speaker you select.

Standard sized 6.5" should not be an issue. However, over sized 6.5" might have clearance issues with the door panel.

For reference, we fitted a Kicker DSC650 on the early 89 and older door cards without any clearance issues.  


Speaker Maximum Depth?

- Early 89 and below will have a 2.5" maximum depth clearance. 

- Late 89 to 92 will have a 2.75" maximum depth clearance. We specifically made the pods taller so you can mount larger deeper 6.5" speakers. Only made possible due to the door cards having more room for the late 89-92 models.


How to distinguish between Early 89 and Late 89?

A few ways to check and confirm. The easiest way to find out is by looking at the ECU harness plug connectors. (if you have done an engine swap this will not apply)

Early 89 will have YELLOW

Late 89 will have GREY


Another way is to look at the center console popup/ flip up pocket: Unscrew the pocket and check for the ABS control unit:

Early 89 will NOT have an ABS control unit underneath

Late 89 will have an ABS control unit underneath


Lastly, check on the motor mounts:

Early 89 will have SQAURE mounts

Late 89 will have ROUND mounts 


Whats's Included?

Both LEFT and RIGHT mounts (hardware included)

Speakers are not included. Photos with speakers installed are for picture and reference purposes only.

How about Tweeters? 

You can still mount tweeters within the pods (below the speaker). We made holes available for you to route wires into the back of the pod. 

Or.. another option is to get our standalone tweeter pods that install on the sail panels/side mirrors. 

click link below:

Tweeter Pods