MK3 Supra - TEMS Coin/Delete Tray

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The Coin Tray for the A70 Supra was a nice piece for any Supra that didn't come with the factory TEMS system. These days, so many people go with a coilover system over a factory retention of the TEMS system, rightfully so, that the coin tray can be important in making your interior look functional and proper.


All of our products are made from ASA Plastic. This is a plastic that is far superior to normal ABS plastic. It is water, UV-light and all around weatherproof for years of continuous use. It can withstand any temperature the interior of your vehicle gets up to and in any climate. It can be painted, sanded and all of the above. Just treat it like a normal piece of plastic from factory. That being said, all these coin trays and delete plates come naturally from us already sanded and coated for immediate use inside of your vehicle. 

Delete Plate

This is utilized for the ultra-clean appearance but if you desire to mount an apparatus, switch, boost knob, display, etc that is also an option as well since all of our products can be drilled, sanded, painted and/or vinyl wrapped. 

Perfect Fitment

All of our products try to fully a strict code of what car minded people like to say, "plug n play". The fitment is with the same exact dimensions and tolerances Toyota designed in the first place for a hassle-free experience.