MK2 Supra - Steering Wheel Gauge Pod (52mm & 60mm)

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Our first product offering to the MK2 Supra!

FINALLY !!!.....

A pre89 Supra Steering Wheel Gauge Pod! I know it took a while. Sorry about that guys but it's finally here! 


The pods are uniquely placed in the cabin where a very minimal amount of range is lost with the factory gauge cluster. Uniquely placed so that you can read the gauges and the factory cluster easily!

You can mount them close to the factory gauge pod or up towards you closest to the steering wheel. Choice is yours!


You have two options. You can utilize the included 3mm screws, drill two very minor holes and secure from inside the steering column plastic with a couple of included screws OR if you don't want to ruin your plastic in a permanent fashion, feel free to use some automotive double-sided tape (not included). 


Note #1: Capped gauge pods are 2" limited. This measurement is your gauge body depth. You do not count the mounting screws or the gauge bezel for this measurement. Most modern gauges are shallow in-depth but please confirm with the manufacture of the gauge before you purchase. 

Note #2: This page is ONLY for 1982 to 1985 Supra Steering Wheel Gauge Pods. This WILL NOT FIT your other year Supra or Celica Supra from other years.