IS300 / Altezza - LED Fog Lamp Kit (Sedan)

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Watch the video below for full specs and installation process


Finally, a modern LED fog light kit for the IS300 and Altezzas!


AutoExtrude Design

The fog lamp kit is built with an OEM inspired design with a slightly modified appearance. It's been built shorter compared to the factory fog lamps, giving you a great deal of intercooler clearance and a familiar feel. The entire fog lamp and bracket system are built with an all-weather resistant plastic and all fasteners are made of Stainless steel for years of continuous road abuse. 

We all have seen broken factory lamps so we needed to build a housing that is very strong and won't crack, dent profusely or look horrible after years of continuous use.

That being the case, we made the housings super thick to provide a very robust  product. Being very low to the ground and gets abused from road debris on a consistent basis, these housings are proven to be stronger than the OEM plastic. 


We also would like to emphasize that the fog lamps are over 4 inches shorter than the factory fog lamps! Leaving you with a heck of a lot more room to fit intercooler piping. I know many of you have taken out their factory fog lamps to make clearance for the intercooler piping. I have no doubt you’ll find the space now AND be able to have the led fog lamps mounted in! 

We have provided an almost 100% Plug n' Play solution for you. These can be installed on your Lexus IS300 / Toyota Altezza in a matter of minutes and offer you years of sure-fire continuous use. 



This fog lamp system will fit any SEDAN bumper that utilizes the factory fogs.

It will not fit the Sportcross / Wagons bumpers (coming soon)


Fog Lamp Type 

The fog lamp is built around the Morimoto 70mm LED Fog Lamp. This is the heart & soul of our LED Fog Lamp Kit. This LED Fog Lamp offers an extremely robust set of specifications as well as the incredible 10-YR Warranty from a world-renowned manufacture like Morimoto

Morimoto XB LED projector fog lamps look great, are very well-built, a performance that is bar-none. They have a virtually infinite lifespan and an unbeatable warranty. 

Don't be confused by eBay/amazon brands out there that offer a subpar warranty, inferior optics and make false promises. The Morimoto XB LED Fog Lamps are backed only by the best lighting manufacturer in the game and offer the best optics and performance you deserve.

The Morimoto XB LED foglamps are powered by three Nichia 5500K LED's that produce around 1200 raw lumens per side. The projector based optics concentrate a total of 2400 lumens of pure white light into a beam that's super wide and perfectly distributed for use as a fog light.  Make no mistake, these will produce a much different (better) result than slapping some LED replacement bulbs into your stock housings. The XB fogs meet & exceed all SAE, DOT, and ECE regulations. 

Note: You will need to cut and replace your factory connector for a proper and updated 9006 weather-proof connector (included). 



DOT, ECE, SAE Standards

The Fog Lamps are fully road legal in compliance with US, EU and other counties laws and regulations


Yellow Lamp

Currently, Morimoto, the manufacture of the LED Fog Lamps themselves has stated they are working on a 3000k diodes for their foglamp lineup but no official word has been dropped. Good thing is, if they ever end up offering it, you'll be able to swap lamps in a matter of minutes. 

Until then, this option on the website is reserved for a Yellow Lamin-X Film added to your order. The lamp will look Yellow when it's turned off and it will shine some yellow reducing your glare. 


Housing Style


We are offering these kits with two  different housing style:

1. OEM style - Modeled after the OEM clear fog light units. This is good for people who wants to keep the factory look while adding  better and more modern LED lights. 

2. Duct style - We designed these to be an alternative to the OEM style and have a very aggressive look. These are great for that "modified look"

Note that this will also be the best housing if you plan to run brake or intake duct in the future. The design will allow more air to be sucked in compared to the oem style housings. 


Brake Duct

We have created a modular design where the fog housings can be used as break duct. (or intake duct)

Our fog light kits can be easily transformed into a brake duct. Just remove the fog lights LEDs and attach our brake duct adapters and you're good to for the weekend track day or autocross. 

Note: Brake duct adapters and hoses sold separately

We will also create a different listing where you can buy the kit as a brake duct only function (No LED fogs). See other listing for this setup.


Housing Color Choice

They only come in black. If you need it to be a different color, please contact us directly with your inquiry and request.


Finish and Material Choice

Available in:

1.  Standard Finish using ASA plastic 

2. Textured Finish using  Nylon Plastic with Reinforced Carbon Fiber (PA6+CF)


Painting & Sanding

We print these in a very nice quality finish and can and should be used as they are, out of the box!

The Nylon Carbon finish is the suggested option if you want to run it as is. With this finish, you can't even tell these are 3d printed. 

But.... if you're inclined to paint them to match your vehicle's body color, they will handle paint just like any other Automotive exterior plastic. Standard ASA finish sands down very smooth and can handle any automotive paints. 

You will need to choose the Standard finish - ASA if you want to paint it to match your body color. 

Note that the Standard ASA finish will show some layer lines from FDM printing. It is wise to fully sand down the entire surface to smoothen our the layer lines. Then apply a high build primer, and finish it up with your favorite Automotive Paint. the end, 

We are extremely proud to finally offer our LED Fog Lamp Kit to the XE10 Chassis around the world.  We have painstakingly designed every detail to meet and exceed OEM standards but more importantly, your expectations. At the moment right now, we are only offering this for the SEDAN bumpers.

Sportcross/wagons coming soon!