Cressida MX83 (x80) - Radio Buttons Delete Panel

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Radio Buttons Delete panels for the X chassis. 

We fully replicated the oem panels and removed all the buttons and control knob for a cleaner look. 

A lot of these cars today no longer use the oem radio and the buttons ultimately became useless and an eye sore

Autoextrude fixes that issue!



Made from Nylon (PA6) Powder using Selective Laser Sintering (SLS)


Installs just like OEM using factory screws and metal retainers. Plus and play!

Other uses:

These delete panels can be a base for many custom applications. You can use it to build and mount custom displays, accessories, or racing switches. 

Note: Hazard button not included. You will reuse your original one. 

Only S1 LHD is currently available. Other variants will br available by the end of the april