IS300 / Altezza - TRD Style License Plate Garnish

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The Toyota Altezza or IS200 or also known as the Lexus IS300 had a TRD License Plate Garnish available back in the day with a faux carbon fiber print. They are getting harder to find, typically have cracks in them and the fitment is lack luster. 

We decided to replicate the factory TRD Altezza license plate garnish and then also make another iteration drawing with some inspiration from the TRD License Plate Garnish found on the MK4 Supra which has these aesthetic cutouts for some aggressiveness. 

If you want a final form without any post processing needed, you'll want to choose the Carbon Fiber + ASA variant. ASA is superior to ABS with all-weather capabilities with an infused 25% blend of carbon fiber for more mechanical strength but also, a beautiful textured finish that will last for ages.

For those of you that would like to take this product and sand it down and paint to match, you will have the option for a raw ASA finish (no carbon fiber infused). The raw ASA on its own is perfectly capable of being sanded, primer and painted to last ages.  

Fitment is tight and close to all the edges. We have printed over 30 iterations to get this right the first time for you guys. It will install behind your license plate, screwed down and a little 3M All-Weather Double Sided Tape to keep the ends flush. The base plate that ties everything to together is one piece of ABS rigid plastic CNC milled with countersunk stainless steel screws. 

Note: This is will NOT fit the IS300 Sportcross or IS200 Gita.