Celica (ST165) Steering Wheel Gauge Pod

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FINALLY !!!.....

A ST165 Toyota CELICA Steering Wheel Gauge Pod! I know it took a while. Sorry about that guys but it's finally here! 

Fitment: Our gauge pods has been fully tested on the ST165 model. However, these might also fit on other variants like:

ST160 (Japan only model)

2S motor = ST161 (North America only)

3S motor = ST162 (all markets)

4S motor = ST163 (Japan only)

3S-GTE motor = ST165 (all markets)

**If your steering column clamshell looks exactly like the ones from the ST165, then these gauge pods will also fit on those listed models. Check on the photos to compare your clamshells covers. 



The pods are uniquely placed in the cabin where a very minimal amount of range is lost with the factory gauge cluster. The left pod hides the tachometer under 1000rpms but lean in and tilt your head ever so slightly and you can see it just fine. The right gauge pod hides your speed after 140mph. If you're looking down at your speed going this fast, you got bigger issues, lol. 


You have two options. You can utilize the included 3mm screws, drill two very minor holes and secure from inside the steering column plastic with a couple of included screws OR if you don't want to ruin your plastic in a permanent fashion, feel free to use some double-sided tape (not included). 


Made from the same black ASA plastic we have used for years on all of our products. They can not melt, warp, UV and Weather resistant. Rest assured it's the highest grade plastic possible for this application. 


Note #1: Capped gauge pods are 2" limited. This measurement is your gauge body depth. You do not count the mounting screws or the gauge bezel for this measurement. Most modern gauges are shallow in-depth but please confirm with the manufacture of the gauge before you purchase. 

If you will be running an  AEM X-series gauge, we suggest getting our X Series adapters for a more secure mounting solution. 

Click here --> X-series Adapter