AE86 (Trueno/Levin) - Ashtray Dual Gauge Pod

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New product for the AE86 Community

We have created this simple plug and play dual gauge pod holder for people who wants to eliminate the old 90's style trays, add functional gauges, and have a cleaner modern look.


  • Fits tight and flush up against the center console ashtray opening
  • OEM factory look and finish
  • Available for both LHD and RHD vehicles
  • Dual gauge setup (52mm)



This gauge pod can be installed using three 3mm screws drilled behind the center console, or make use of double sided 3M tape. (or do both)


As always, we use ASA plastic for all of our products. It is an all-weather UV resistant material for years and years of usage. It will not fade nor change in color. 


Note: Depending on the depth of your gauges, you may need to remove the "metal bracket" or cradle for the ashtray assembly for more room.  It is actually better to do this as you can run the wires with much better ease.