Cam Gear Locking Tool (1JZ/2JZ/7M/3S/4AG)

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1JZ/2JZ/7M/3S - Cam Gear Locking Tool 

Nifty little piece to make removal and installation of the cam gears just a little easier. Will not break and the very solid design and construction makes it so you can get years and years of use out of it. Add it to your tool arsenal so you have it ready to go when the time comes for assembly or disassembly. 



- Made from Nylon with reinforced fiber. Ultra strong!

- Chemically Resistant to almost anything in the garage.

- Insert & remove it easily but strong enough to handle all the Toyota recommended torque you need to apply to the cam gears

- Will NOT scratch your beautiful anodized aftermarket cam gears 

- New Yellow-Green and Orange colors added. Easily find them on your toolbox or workbench.  Or color code it for different kinds of engines. 


Supported Engines:

- 1JZ / 2JZ (Fits all JZ Series Motors)

- 7M-GTE / 7MGE

- 3S-GTE (Fits All Gens)

- 4AGE 16 valves

- 4AGE 20 valves