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Our very first product offering for the SC300/400/Soarer with the help of so many nice people in the JZZ30 community. We made over five revisions to make this one happen. Offered only in a 52mm version, this product comes with a cap on the backside to avoid any sort of issues with Hot/Cold from the climate control system hitting the gauge of your choice directly with air. The air is made to flow around the gauge and out the included vents, thus allowing for airflow to pass with little impedance. 

Gauge Depth: 

This product will fit any depth gauge you insert at 52mm. Sometimes the gauge mounting holes will interfere with the vent gauge pod back cap but you can drill two small holes to allow them to pass through with no ill-effect to the performance of the vent gauge pod. 

The other remedy you have is to completely remove the back cap. This is an included option. The back cap is removable with two small 3mm screws. 


This part can be a little tricky to install. You have to reach to the backside of the factory vent clips through the door vent located in-between the dashboard and the door. We HIGHLY recommend you try to disassemble your factory unit prior to ordering so you can get a feel for the installation process. 

When installing, the unit has two prongs that are inserted into the gauge pod and the gauge is pushed in. Locking in the gauge pod into place. It uses the factory pivot points to hold the gauge pod in place. 


With the RHD units, we have found some differences in the plastic molding of the air vent and it doesn't allow for the gauge pod backing cap to be compatible. We naturally DO NOT INCLUDE the rear cap on RHD compared to the LHD version because of the incompatibility issues. We have plenty of people around the world utilizing this vent gauge pod without a back cap and not a single gauge has been ruined from hot/cold air flowing around the gauge. 

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