SC300/400/Soarer - Ashtray Dual 52mm Gauge Pod

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SC300/400/Soarer Ash Tray Upgrade Parts are available to take place of your old ashtray and place a gauge pod, delete plate, pocket and much more. 

Like all of our products, these are all made with premium plastic that is made to stand the test of time. It is completely plug n' play. 

Note: Dual Ashtray Gauge Pod with DC Output DOES NOT come with usb port. It is a universal DC output. The same one found in any car. It is up to the customer to purchase the USB charger or accessory they wish to use. 

Note: A few of the pictures are shown with a painted scheme on them. I have supplied pictures of what previous customers have done. Sanding and painting for the extra attention to detail. We DO NOT offer these services but our products lend themselves to these techniques really well!