MR2 (SW20 & AW11) 6x7 LED Head Lights

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Due to high demand on these headlight kits, our current backlog and lead time is 3-4 weeks out 

Introducing our AutoExtude 6x7 LED headlight conversion kit

As a standalone headlight, these 90mm LED projector housings are perfect for those who need a modern headlight. Upgrade those 90's headlights to the best LED optics available in today's market

These are available with 2 different style optics to suit your needs perfectly. You can choose from either a dedicated LED low beam only, or a combination lamp with low and high beam together.


LED Lamp Type 

The LED lamp is built around the Morimoto 90mm LED unit. This is the heart & soul of our LED Head Lamp kit. This LED  Lamp offers an extremely robust set of specifications as well as the incredible  warranty from a world-renowned manufacture like Morimoto

Morimoto LED projector lamps look great, are very well-built, a performance that is bar-none. They have a virtually infinite lifespan and an unbeatable warranty. This $400 set of LEDs are the best in the market.

Don't be confused by eBay/amazon brands out there that offer a subpar warranty, inferior optics and make false promises. The Morimoto  Lamps are backed only by the best lighting manufacturer in the game and offer the best optics and performance you deserve.


Tech Specs

  • LOW BEAM only: 3x Nichia LEDS / 1890 lumens (x2)

  • LOW / HIGH combo: 7x Osram LEDS / 1890/1500 lumens (x2)


The projector based optics concentrate a pure white light into a beam that's super wide and perfectly distributed for headlight use.  Make no mistake, these will produce a much different (far better) results than slapping some LED or HID replacement bulbs into your stock housings. The LED units meets & exceeds all SAE, DOT, and ECE regulations. (Confirmed by Morimoto)


AutoExtrude Design

The head lamp kit is built just like the OEM design. It installs using the factory silver metal ring brackets and existing screws.

Note: We recommend painting the metal brackets BLACK to get that super sleek and stealth look.

We have provided an almost  99% plug n' play solution for you. These can be installed on your MR2 in minutes and offer you years of sure-fire continuous use. 

Beam pattern can also be adjusted using the factory adjustment screws. You can focus and align the beam pattern for that ultimate driving experience and road visibility. 



For LOW BEAM Only kit, this will be a plug and play using the supplied H4 connectors and shrink tube connectors. 

For LOW and HIGH BEAM kit, older Toyotas uses a "negative switch". Thus, extra wiring is needed to make the high beams work.

Our kit will provide a special "switching ground polarity module" that needs to be attached to the head light and chassis ground. This module would make sure both Low and High Beam works flawlessly. 


Yellow Lamp

Currently, Morimoto only manufactures these in white 5000K LEDs.

Until then, this option on the website is reserved for a Yellow Lamin-X Film added to your order. The lamp will look Yellow when it's turned off and it will shine some yellow reducing your glare. the end, 

We are extremely proud to finally offer our LED Head Lamp Kit to the MR2 Community. We have painstakingly designed every detail to meet and exceed OEM standards but more importantly, your expectations.