MK3 Supra - Tweeter Pods (Universal)

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We are finally offering our Famous tweeter pods for universal applications.

These pods are designed to fit tweeter sizes 38mm-48mm. Make sure to select the size that you will be using. Each tweeter pod will be made according to your selection. (Read Sizing guide below)

These are the same design and fitment as our original tweeter pod kit with pioneer units installed. 

With the failing sail panels in the A70, we have come up with a solution to replace and upgrade these pieces that are no longer available. 

The Pod is made from ASA plastic that is as durable as ABS but will be UV resistant, providing no worries of discoloration, warping and will last for years to come.

SOLD AS A PAIR (Left and Right)

Note: Tweeters are NOT included. (some photos have the tweeters installed) They are just for reference and picture purposes. 

How to determine and choose the correct POD Size?

A lot of audio manufacturer advertise their tweeters with the size of the "internal" dome. This is NOT the size that you will use to determine which pod size you need. They normally don't take into consideration the outer housing size and/or bezel add-ons. 

See the sample manufacturer specification sheet below for an example. The blue box is the Advertised tweeter size and the red box is the cutout diameter. 

Speaker size is 3/4 inches (19.1)mm

Cutout diameter is 1 11/16 inches ( 42.9mm)  so you will need to choose the 43mm POD