MK3 Supra - Tweeter Pods

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With the failing sail panels in the A70, we have come up with a solution to replace and upgrade these pieces that are no longer available. These pods are designed around a Pioneer TS T110 tweeter.

The Pod is made from ASA plastic that is as durable as ABS but will be UV resistant, providing no worries of discoloration, warping and will last for years to come.
When you receive the tweeter pods, the tweeters will already be secured and installed into the pod. All that is required is wiring in the tweeter and pressing the pod into the door as it uses the factory clip holes.

Lotek Pillar Users the pod does fit, but as with Lotek's loose fitment you may need to refine the fitment with trimming and heat gun. On our test cars, the pillar had a bulge and I was able to quickly reshape it in 5 min with a heat gun.

SOLD AS A PAIR with  Pioneer TS T110 tweeter included 

For the DIY kit and universal application (use your own tweeter), see our other listing

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