MK3 Supra - Steering Column Clamshell Covers (90-92)

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Tired of having a cracked or broken steering wheel clamshell? Do you always have a problem of connecting both pieces together because of a broken support post? We got you fully covered!

Introducing, our very own Steering wheel column covers reproductions.

A joint project between Autoextrude and DBextrusion.  All new production units will be made and shipped from us.


Features and Specifications:

A faithful reproduction of the OEM pieces (with some minor modifications to improved overall strength) 

- Stronger reinforced connection pillars and posts.

- Threaded metal inserts to join both pieces together. 

- All stainless steel hardware 

- Full Solid infill construction. 

- Textured Finish to mimic the OEM look 

- OEM fitment with no other modification needed for install.

- With Felt backing (just like OEM)

- Includes Reproduction stickers (Tilt Telescopic)

- Full set BOTH Top and Bottom Clamshells




For this particular part, we opted to use ASA with reinforced Carbon fiber material .

These will be twice as strong as the standard ABS plastic while offering maximum UV and weather resistance. 

ASA will not deform or degrade while sitting in a hot car. 



- This particular version only fits years 90-92

Super late production date 89s will also have the newer columns  

To make sure if you have the old or new column on your late 89, compare your current one to the pictures of this listing.

We are still working on pre89 and below clamshells (coming soon March 2024)

- Fits LHD or RHD vehicles. 


Note: Last 3 Installed in car photos were first prototype pieces. It does not show the textured finish of the new production units.