MR2 (SW20) - Storage Box Cup Holder

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Current lead time for this cupholder is 2-3 weeks

The very first and “original” storage box cupholder for the MR2 sw20 

The SW20 MR2 has a beautiful center console. A storage box was once used to store CDs back in the 90s.  But modern times needs modern designs. Introducing, the super "stealthy" first of its kind center box cupholder. 

We have designed this cup holder particularly for the Center Storage "CD" box. All turbo models already have this box. For N/A models, you will need to acquire the storage box to be able to use our cup holder design.



- The cup holder is attached to the inside of the storage box door. Factory screw holes and mounting points are used. No permanent modification to the factory box is needed. You can revert at any time. Plug and Play! 

- The cup holder has 4 springs clamps to accommodate any size drinks without the worry of it flying or rattling all over the place  We have the only design in the market that utilizes this special spring clamp mechanism. This is the only cupholder that auto adjusts to any size

- The cup holder accommodates even the largest cups (Big Gulps), mugs, tin cans, hydroflask, Takeya (Costco) and other drinks. Pretty much any size you can think of and the spring clamps auto adjusts the tension for that perfect fit  

- Super Stealth design. Tucks inside the box when not in used. No one will ever know you have a cup holder on a 2 seater sport car :)

- New for 2022: soda and red bull inserts are now included. (No more rattling of smaller cans)

** New 2022 design : We have added an Accessory pocket to the cupholder. It can be used to hold a phone or napkins for your hot coffee and drinks