MKIV Supra - Cup Holder

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The “Original” MK4 Supra ashtray cupholder. Often imitated, never duplicated.


Autoextrude is the original designer of this cup holder style back in 2017. There has been many replicas and direct copies after all these years have passed.. but non of those offer a complete package as we do.  

New for 2022 -  Optional SUPRA logo inside of the cupholder :)



There will be those of you that never allow a single drop of liquid inside your MK4 Supra but for those of you that like to sip at your coffee, stay hydrated or your girlfriend always complains your precious Supra doesn't have anywhere for her Starbucks Latte, this cup holder is for you. 


We mirrored the exact mounting points normally found in the factory ashtray. This is a plug n' play product with zero permanent modifications necessary. Sure, you can take out your ashtray and throw a drink in there and it sort of holds or you could get ours and it has a tight fit that will leave you worry-free. You have already spent thousands doing the car right, you might as well finish it off with the right attention to detail. 

Our cup holders are “full replacements” and not just an insert you put on top the console like others designs the often pop up in the market. These screw on to the factory mounting points of the center console bezel for maximum stability  and worry free operation.

Also, the kit includes a “Redbull” adapter. With this, your smaller cans are fully secured and will not move or rattle around.


What's with the optional lid? 

We integrated a lid to the cup holder because many of you try to retain the factory look of the Supra interior. We made sure not to deviate too much aesthetically and retained a plain but OEM feel. You're welcome to paint the lid to match or leave it in its factory state. The lid magnetically seals into place leaving you no guesswork. Pop it off when it use and throw it back on when you want a clean look. 

Custom Supra Logo?

This is a new option for 2022.  A "Supra" badge will be embossed into the bottom lid of the cup holder. We can make them in any color possible. 

If you want something different, like a custom color or LOGO contact us via email. We are very flexible on this and can definitely make customs ones. :)

LHD and RHD? 

Yes, Works on Both! 

Interior Ashtray Light?

Yes, you can still install the factory ashtray light bulb. Our cupholder does have the hole for you to plug in the factory light  Another Autoextrude proprietary design and function  

What cups/bottles fit? 

There isn't a lot of room. The factory center console only allows for barely the width of a standard soda can. We have tested standard soda cans, small coffee (fits perfect), medium coffee (fits mostly) and a large drink of any sort pretty much doesn't fit. We know most all of you don't want to cut up your center console for more functionality, so we worked with space we had in the ashtray opening.


Fit and Finish 

OEM factory like fitment! Just pop the old ashtray out and drop these new bad boys in :)

The top faces and/or the top Lids are professionally painted (Trim Black) to give that OEM look. Each one is sanded down prior to painting to remove all the layer lines of FDM printing. We don't leave any visible 3D Printed lines on the TOP surfaces which you will see a lot on many of the copies/replicas out there.



Like all of our products, they are made from Black UV resistant ASA Plastic. This is a higher grade plastic than a standard ABS product. It will not fade, warp or swell from exposure to the Sun. While others often use subpar ABS or PETG which is not recommended for automotive applications.  

ASA can be made with tight tolerances and the greatest attention to detail. It can be sanded, painted and cured without any problems. I know many of you may want to paint match, the lid allows you to do that perfectly.