Mk3 Supra - Dual Cup Holder - "DB Extrusion"

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Double Bounce Extrusion's Original  Product and Design

**Purchased and acquired as of September 2021. All rights and ownership of these product and design has been transferred to AutoExtrude**


The Design:

Dual cup holder designed especially for the MK3 Supra. A very good alternative to the current available available that are inserted in the change tray of the center console. 

These are installed and positioned next to the shifter for that ultimate driving experience. A cup holder that does not interfere with shifting and driving. 

Passengers have  expressed that the cupholder is minimally invasive to their seating position.

Removable design with a custom bracket. Stow away when not in use or if you need to move the passenger seat forward. 

The cup holder's bracket uses the same bolt location as the shifter boot. Easy and drop fit installation. 

Dove tail design is snug and allows for easy and direct alignment to the driver. 

Has been tested on 1100whp Supra with no issues. Drinks are fully secured with this cupholder. 



- Will work  and fit on cars with Manual and Automatic shifters 

- Suitable for all years 86-92

- Available in both LHD and RHD configurations 



Like all of our products, we made it from ASA Plastic. This a higher grade than standard ABS product. An all-weather capable plastic that is resistant to UV, Hot/Cold and Water. It will not fade, warp, melt or swell.

Feel free to sand it, paint it or even wrap it to your heart's content. 


Color Choices:

Currently available in Black, Grey, Blue to match your interior. 

(We are working on having this in Maroon in the near future.)