MK3 Supra - Cup Holders

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The MK3 Supra has a beautiful center console with this unique pop-up tray. I know some of you may have tried resting a beverage in this spot and try to shift gears but that's no way to live! 

We have designed a cup holder for all years of the A70 Supra. Whether you are Pre89 or 89+. LHD or RHD. We have the cup holder replacement you need. 


We have tested this cup holder with all sorts of common plastic water bottles, Taco Bell, McDonalds or other misc fast-food restaurants for compatibility and they all pass. You can even fit a HUGE Arizona Ice Tea in there (coconut water beverage in the pictures is the same size). 

Pre89 Supra:

The cup holder comes in two different formats for the Pre89 Supra's. This early generation of the A70 has no ABS ecu underneath the popup tray so it naturally has a deeper pocket. This allows Pre89 Supra's to utilize an insert that fits inside your pop-up tray. You get to retain a factory appearance from the outside and also get the benefits of a beverage holder. For those of you that have a broken popup tray, don't fret, there is a FULL Replacement version. It bolts down using the factory screw and can holder just about any drink. With the Pre89 Full Replacement Version, we have put beverages in there, done a 500hp pull and the beverage stayed its spot!

1989 Supra: 

This year Supra is a transition year. It can come with either a deep or short pocket. Double check if you have the ABS ecu or not.

90+ Supra: 

The revamped version of the A70 Supra. It can utilize the full replacement. It will be slightly shorter due to the airbag ecu being beneath the center console. Even though it is slightly shorter, it is very useful for holding a beverage even while shifting. Don't get caught without one when your passenger needs a place to put their drink or you're taking the long drive out to Supra's Invades Las Vegas! 

Note #1 for 90+ Supra Owners: 90+ Supra's do not have enough space for an insert like the pre89 guys. This is unavailable to you as a choice when checking out. 

Note #2 for 90+ Supra Owners: You can always remove this ECU if you have gone with an aftermarket wheel, cut out the bottom of your center console and the cup holder from the pre89 could be utilized. 

 Note #3 for 90+ JDM Owners: Many of you don't have an airbag. Please contact us after placing an order to let us know you have a JDM and/or original JZA70 Supra.