AE86 Cup Holders

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The AE86 platform came with a OEM cup holder from the factory but many of them has not survived and a lot of cars are missing it. Some owners don't even know that a factory cup holder existed.

Only a few cars left has cup holders in them and if they do, they are normally broken and cracked. The OEM design is very weak and brittle. We took this existing problem and made a solution for it.

Introducing our direct fit cup holders for the AE86 platform. Will fit any year and model! Toyota Ae86 Trueno & GTS 84-87 LHD or RHD


The Design:

  • Direct fit and finish for the center console box
  • Stowable and tucked away when not in used.
  • Magnetic design to keep them stowed
  • Choice between Single or Dual Cup holders

Dual Cup holders will hold any regular soda can, regular sized cups from any retail or fast food joints. It also hold a smaller "Red Bull" can perfectly on the second opening.

Single Cup will hold any larger cups, bottles, or tin cans.



Like all of our products, we made it from Black ASA Plastic. This a higher grade than standard ABS product. It will not fade, warp or swell. It's made with tight tolerances and the greatest attention to detail. It can be sanded, painted and cured without any problems. I know many of you may want to paint match, the lid allows you to do that perfectly.